Mårten Edh is a Swedish rapper, and member of Swedish hip hop group Looptroop Rockers, formed in Västerås, Sweden, 1992.

Promoe released his fourth album in 2009 entitled Kråksången. The first single, "Svennebanan", was a huge hit and received much airtime on several radio stations as well as 120,000 views after seven days on YouTube. He later the same year followed up his album with the mixtape Bondfångeri. Promoe has been featured on many tracks with both Swedish and international artists. He has a background of graffiti-writing and many of his songs deal with graffiti. He follows a vegan straight edge lifestyle. We ANFCE 2019 is pleased to have Promoe as one of our special artists.



In the words of Jörgen Elofsson (Britney spears, Kelly Clarkson, West life etc.), when Rhys’s first stepped in to the studio for a demo, her voice and charisma completely dissolved the room.

Rhys debut album STAGE has over 100 million streams. Her fist single Swallow Your Pride, produced by Jörgen, reached over 1 million streams in less than two month of its release, And Music blogger lion of the best fit, highlighted the song, describing it as ‘Stunning…comforting and melancholy’. Rhys second single, Last Dance equally became a big success, currently with over 27 million streams. Her latest single No Vacancy is quickly spreading on Spotify playlist and radio stations.
Rhys success debut gave her nomination of artist of the year in P3 Gold. She is no stranger to the big stage, and has performed on several festivals in Sweden, most notably her exceptional performance at the Grammisgala where she performed last dance with Tingsek, and was described as thrilling and energetics, touching the entire music industry.



Frida has been referred to as a music force of nature, as she writes, plays and sings breathing music. Frida is gifted with an airy voice and her music burrows all the way into your bones giving birth to melodies you have never heard before.

In 2010, she released her debut album Dear, Let It Out exclusively in Japan where the lead singles Tower The EP Indigo was her first release in Europe, released on Parlophone Records in England. NME called Frida's voice "sweet but sat like a lollipop dropped on the floor", and The Guardian praised her "glistening electro-pop". Her music has been played in a series of TV shows and films: such as Girlhood (Best Film at the Stockholm Film Festival) & Grey’s Anatomy. In 2015, she made her acting debut in the British film Kill Your Friends, against stars like Nicholas Hoult, James Corden and Patricia Arquette. In the film she plays a singer in a band that performs with Frida's original songs. Last year, Frida released her debut album” Flashbacks & Futures", which is a disc inspired by space, and it is itself a vast universe where both minimalist synth pop and grand orchestral productions are filled to the breadth with colors and beauty.


Laila Adèle

Born in the city of Fez, Morocco, Laila has been said to have one of Sweden’s most powerful voices. Discovered by Swedish a&R-legend Peter Swartling, who himself called her”, The Soul Queen of Sweden”.

In 2006, Laila participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and released her second album, Gratitude. Laila made her debut on the musical theatre stage in 2007 when she joined the cast of Little Shop of Horrors in Malmö and Gothenburg. This was followed by Hairspray in 2009, Jekyll & Hyde at the Malmö Opera in 2010, and in 2011 she starred in Legally Blonde the Musical at Nöjesteatern in Malmö. Aside from her success as a solo artist and musical theatre star, Laila is also an experienced backing vocalist and voice over actress with countless acclaimed appearances. She has been able to voice in Princess & Grodan in 2010, Smurfs 2 in 2013 and takes this year up her first big role in Disney "Röjar-Ralf crashes the internet".



According to Live Nation, The Music Janice makes can be described as Atmospheric, hopefully dark and in many ways also leading tongue. One can tell from her strong voice a strong sense of emotions and substance with the ability to reach or refer to anyone.

In February 2018, Janice released her much-awaited debut album Fallin ’Up - a gift that was applauded hard by both audiences and critics. Her success story was once again confirmed when she was nominated for the Grammy Gala this spring. It is only to note - Janice is one of our foremost hopes for the future.
Janice made her debut with the single “Don’t Need To” at the end of April 2016 and after that everything happened very quickly. The song struck a nerve with many and her amazing voice spread across the world. The rewritten debut was one of 2016's most played songs in P3, and the Music Guide in P3 named it one of the best of the year when they summed up in 2016.



Hameem Hassanaka Double H is an Afro beat, hip hop artist, with a style he prefers to call luga flow. He began his music career in the early years of the 2000 working with Ugandan artists like Gnl Zamba, Mun-G, Maro, Nutty Neithan.

He has done several European tours and he is loved for the energetic performance where he engages the audience to sing and dance along. Hameem Hassan aka Double H is now based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and he is a household name when it comes to performances at most African events. Some of his popular songs include Numbe, Just Like That, Propaganda, and Proud to Be Ugandan,  Don’t miss him out has he moves the crowd of ANFCE, with some of his best hit songs and latest singles.


Rickman Manrick

ANFCE is proud to introduce Rickman Manrick as one of the guest afro beat performing artist.

Rickman Manrick, is an Ugandan Swedish based hip hop and afro beat artist. Whose music has taken the African crowd by storm craving for more of his free style and poetic rhymes. He has a steady growing following. And his hit songs such as Bango and Naki, have enjoyed airplay in the clubs, with various video dance challenge of the songs popping up on the social media by the day.  His latest hit Bango, has over 50,000 views in less than a month of its release and has an increasing number of downloads on Spotify. Come watch his energetic performance live on stage as we celebrate fashion, art and culture.



Her unique sound and warm voice is seductive, captivating and intense. With a mixed ethnic background from Africa, India and Europe, she has learned to incorporate different cultures and traditions. Something you can feel and hear through her music which is evocative and contains both depth and lightness.

Pearl is born in Botswana and she moved to Denmark when she was 14 years old.  She has performed in several places in Europe, including Moscow where she received radio airplay with a song she featured on by Moscow based Trip-hop/Electro Jazz band VFSix. Pearl has collaborated with producers and songwriters from different parts of the world. Her previous Album ‘The Fall and Rise of a Woman’ was recorded in Denmark in collaboration with the Reggae band ReCulture. It is a cross-over project between different musical genres, namely Reggae, Soul, and Pop. Pearl’s new Project/Album which will be due in 2019 will have its focus mainly on Soul, Jazz, Afro-Soul and Afro-Jazz and she looks forward to exploring her heritage even more.



Black Benji is a hip hop collective from the streets of Malmö, Sweden. They have been keeping the elements of old school hip hop alive since 2015, fusing rock, funk, reggae and rap.

They consists of a band of five people plus a rapper, and a crew of dancers that  they bring out to perform when performing bigger shows. Black Benji, will be rocking the stage at the ANFCE to its home crowd here in Malmö



A Malmo, Sweden native with Ghanian parents who set his mark in the Swedish Hip-hop scene with the breakthrough hit single “Rock Away“ (produced by iSHi & Sebastian Ingrosso).

Lazee made his performance debut at the Swedish P3 Gala in 2008, which swiftly lead to a steady fan base in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia. He is one of a few Swedish Hip-hop artists that has established a substantial international presence outside of Scandinavia. While topping charts and getting heavy radio rotation in Europe, Lazee was also the supporting act for notable American artists such as Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Ne-Yo, Wyclef Jean, Rick Ross and Musiq Soulchild. In 2011, he launched his independent record label, Timeless Music, which eventually led to a partnership with Universal Music. His album “Supposed To Happen” features prominent European producers such as Masse, Ishi, Mack Beats. He has been nominated four times for Swedish Grammy and it is for certain that there is no denying that Lazee is a talented and hungry artist who is confident and fearless in taking risks.



A liberian born Norwegian raised Hip-Hop and Afrobeat artist.

DonNate started his music career in 2016, and is also a producer and writer. His aspiration includes becoming a house hold name within the Scandinavian Entertainment industry. ANFCE is proud to have him as one of our guest performing artists to grace the stage on 1st of June 2019.



Somaliska fred

Has worked with integration and cultural understanding in Sweden since 1994.

Their operations are concentrated in Rosengård in Malmö where focus is on cultural and sporting activities etc. ANFCE will be honored to have Somaliska Fred participating with a Cultural Dance group on 1st June 2019.

Musician & DANCER


ANFCE is proud to introduce Said Bakari Siraj, a very enthusiastic and exciting cultural entertainer.

Said is a musician and dance teacher specialising in African dance, drums and cultural communication, He is originally from Kenya and based in Copenhagen Denmark. With Said as a teacher you are guaranteed a good and different experience, which gives smile to the lip and creates good and energetic mood for the audience.



Professional flamenco dancer from Malmö accompanied by flamenco musicians from Sevilla (Spain)/Sweden.

The integrants have performed together since 2010 in Festivals and Cultural events in Sweden and Denmark. Dance: Ann-Katrin Cederholm Vocals: Fran Marquez Percussion: Niklas Bennerholm Guitar: Björn Åberg.

MusicianS & DANCERS

Ngatch Fall Family

An African Arts Association founded by Amdy Ngom and wife, Ida Hanni Brandt in 2012. The group believes that Music and Dance creates and strengthens community, that art gives quality to life, and that art is for everyone.

With a focus on traditional dance and drumming from West Africa, Ngatch Fall Family offers professional performances, masterclasses and workshops inEurope. In Aarhus, Denmark, the group heads a local voluntary association of dance and drum training. it also works closely with the Sabar community in Guédiawaye, Dakar in Senegal, where they function as travel guides for foreigners who want to visit Senegal, as well as ambassadors for a platform for artist development in the close community of artists from Guédiawaye.



latif KaSumba

The raved designer and also the President of the Uganda Fashion Society already dubbed "Afro-Fashion Magician" by the BBC is one of Uganda's most revered designers.

Latif Kasumba Madoi shows his skill at his periodic "fast fashion" shows where he demonstrates live sewing, taking a piece of fabric and creating dresses out of them in a matter of minutes. He's an award winning designer who has been invited to show off his talent on fashion shows around the world and will be one of the guest Designers at this year's ANFCE.

Fashion Designer


Chemutai Beatrice is a social entrepreneur originally from Kenya living in Sweden.

Her organization ASILI initiative, focuses on women empowerment through Fashion and art. She represents several women fashion and accessory businesses, using African cotton fabrics, and bamboo and soap stones as materials for their fashion and accessory. ANFCE is happy to provide her a platform to showcase her collections and also build networks with other designers.  


Berthe Schroer

Berthe Schroer is originally from Cameroon and started up her fashion brand Lov’it, in 2018.

The Kind of products that she proposes is an urban mix and traditional, using a material called loincloth fabric coming from Cameroon. Berthe’s fashion designs are colorful and unique with a twist of modern western fashion, combined with African fabrics and designs. This will be the first time her fashion hits the catwalk and ANFCE is happy to introduce her work to the world.

Fashion Designer


Maria Clara Neto Andersson in collaboration with Beto Kelner, under the brand Gatos De Rua.

The main concept of Beto’s work is to dress people with recycled materials and beautiful colors. Beto has been working over 36 years as a designer and artist whose designs are referred to as pop art. Most of his work is intended for charity especially supporting people from Pernambuco. His project Gatos de Rua (street cats) has supported over 600 families.


Oona Ritari

A designer from Finland that creates new solutions and forms, where practicality meets the urban style.

Living and working abroad especially in Cuba and East Africa have greatly influenced her sense of aesthetics and the way she works. Mioona is collaborating with companies and craftsmen in various African countries developing materials and items from renewable natural resources. In addition to bovine leather she also uses African wax print textiles and Nile Perch fish leather. Her mission is to create beautifully designed bold products of fine quality that is comfortable to wear.

Fashion Designer


Founder of Studio Gambia, a social sustainable brand with the aim to create work opportunities in The Gambia.

The project is inspired by the vibe Nanny and her team get from listening to good afrobeat music, looking at 70’s fashion and people they have met at the Serrekunda market in The Gambia. They mainly use batik and tie-dyed fabrics that are made from old tablecloths and dyed by local women in The Gambia. The production takes place in a small sewing workshop also located in the Gambia, but their showpieces are currently made by Nanny in Copenhagen.



An urban fashion designer, originally from Liberia, living in Norway.

Patience owns a fashion line called Patiwell Fashion, which is a ready to wear woman fashion brand that was established in 2013. Under her fashion label Patiwell Fashion, she has an annual fashion show in Norway, featuring other fashion brands. Makeup artist and hairstylist. Her vision includes, expanding and promoting Afro/urban fashion and style onto a Global platform. Patience will be showcasing some of her best work at the ANCFE 2019.

Fashion Designer

Mercy Levin

Originally from Ghana, living in Sweden. She is the owner of African fashion box and her products include Africa artwork, handmade jewelry and accessories.

Fashion box was established by Mercy in order to support women from Kenya and Ghana by bringing their fashion close to the western market. Her goal is to create partnership with major stores and companies to allow mass production and support for the ladies in Africa.